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One Sweet Love // A Ronon Dex & Jennifer Keller Community

One Sweet Love // A Ronon & Jennifer Community
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Stargate Atlantis' One Sweet Love // A Ronon Dex & Jennifer Keller Community
Welcome to One Sweet Love
Stargate Atlantis' One Sweet Love is a community for Ronon Dex and Jennifer Keller fans.

1. Please be respectful of other members.
2. No personal attacks, flaming, or spamming of the members, moderators, or even the cast and crew of Stargate Atlantis.
3. This community is for fans of the blossoming relationship between Ronon Dex and Jennifer Keller. Please respect us fans by not bashing or ranting about this pairing if you do not like them.
4. All fanfiction and media must be focused on Ronon, Keller, and/or Ronon/Keller.
5. Please use the proper headings for fanfiction: Title, Author, Rating, Spoilers, Summary, and Disclaimer. All ratings are welcome with proper labelling.
6. Please remember to tag your entries. We've set up various tags to use (i.e. You have a "G" rated Fanfic, tag it under "rating: g AND fanfic").
7. Please place all spoilers behind an LJ cut.
8. If you have a long post, please use the LJ cut feature (such as fanfiction, icons, fanart, etc).
9. Please do not hotlink other people's images. You can upload to several image sites (such as PhotoBucket, ImageShack).
10. If you wish to advertise a related community, you must be a regular member. Do not join to solely advertise any community.
11. Spread and share the Ronon and Keller love!

Spoiler Policy

Very important! All spoilers for the current season of Stargate Atlantis, unaired episodes and, any other Stargate related (i.e. The Ark of Truth, Continuum) information must be placed behind a lj-cut and cleary stated that the post contains spoilers. Thank you!
If you'd like to affiliates with us, you may do so by leaving a comment on this post or contacting either of the moderators directly. Thank you, :)

You can use one of the following graphics to link back to us at http://community.livejournal.com/sg_onesweetlove;

List of Affiliates:


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